About the Artist

Leslie Hoyt is an award-winning photographic artist located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She views the world as a series of small vignettes, and while she is in awe of spacious landscapes, the real wonder for her lives within the details: the curve of a rose petal, the weathered door on an old building, fragments of a sea shell floating on a single wave. The lens allows her to explore the nuances of shapes, patterns, colors and textures and to discover subtler stories within the broader narrative. Each observation offers an ephemeral glimpse into the essence of the subject in that moment. She hopes her photographs illuminate these intricate perspectives and capture stories that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Leslie is a Certified Professional Photographer and holds Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America. She received an Imaging Excellence award and has been a finalist in the Grand Imaging Awards twice.